Eid Mubarak Said (happy Eid)

Bonne fete de l'Aid And yes, the diet Ramadan to an end. This is called Eid Eid or small.

Today Friday -1 days after France it is a Sunday. To compare with our Christmas. Everyone is on his 31. The new djelabahs are out on the town. No traffic, no shops open. Only a few grocers have opened the Iron Curtain. Difficult to find bread. The café terraces are full of consumers. Business will finally reprendrent.

It is a fact that Ramadan is a period of "summer vacation." Sites, workers idling. The only project the last fortnight: Buy a chicken and make a big food at the normal time, inviting the family. Here, the "diet" is over for 2010. Overall, the conditions were favorable for the young. 2 periods of 4 days hot-approximately 50 ° in the shade, the rest of the time: 35 ° normal for August. Some nights early September the temperature is decreased even at 22 ° (18 ° in the morning).

The period of Ramadan is an opportunity for tourists to be invited for a Ftor (the first meal of the day to 19H). The following about 23:00 to 4:00 Aisha and the Sohor. And yes, they are likely to rise before the to sometimes eat a tagine. Finally, this "diet" is highly caloric and Moroccan end the period more "luscious" at the beginning. After Sohor, many people who sleep again for an eyelid lift to 10:00 am. In a semi-sleep, the rest of the day is devoted to some vague occupations but still waiting for the next Ftor obsessive.

In 70 days (2 months and 10 days) great Eid El Kebir and his sheep.